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Ingrid Bergman started her interior design career in 2013, after 20 years working in the high-end fashion industry. 

She learned the trick of the trade during her employment at  a high-end interior design company in Dubai.  


Ingrid beliefs that  her retail experience was a major benefit to her clients. It honed her impeccable taste for colors and fabrics. and buying skills. Ingrid has developed a perfect eye to source the most exclusive furniture for her agency.

Ingrid’s greatest quality is her ability to listen to her client’s needs and deliver the beautiful results that they are looking for.

She feels that these attributes are important to developing successful client relationships, which ultimately lead to creative and inspired design choices, and client satisfaction.  

Ingrid works around the globe and she has a track record of many diverse projects.  Her home in Portugal and beautiful garden is turned into an exclusive showroom where you can indulge the atmosphere of a luxury living.  

You can shop with your client(s) at our Villa in the Algarve which we are showcasing some beautiful collections; Eric Kuster, Bryck, Coco Wolf, Todo Bien,  Borek,

Ingrid her showroom can be booked by appointment only..


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